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Q. What is Wap4Dollar.com ?
A. Wap4Dollar.com is a trusted earning site !
Q. How to earn points ?
A. To earn you need to have a website. After register you get a unique adcode, put it on your site to earn points !
Q. How i get Money, Domains, Hostings ?
A. You can get Money, Domains, Hostings using your wap4$ points !
Q. How can i advertise here ?
A. You can advertise here by your earned points. Also you can buy wap4$ points to advertise.
Q. Is there any other way to advertise ?
A. Yes. You can sell domains, sites, etc.. to our publishers and get this Wap4Dollar points, and use it to advertise. For more details contact us !
Q. What is Minimum payout?
A. Minimum payout is only 0.20$. You will get paid within 24 hours!
Q. I have more questions, what i do ?
A. Please mail us your questions, help@wap4dollar.com !

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